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In-House & 3rd Party Collection Services



We partner with licensed bailiffs in Ontario to perform seizures and repossessions under the Personal Property Security Act, Commercial Tenancies Act, Repair and Storage Liens Act as well as leases and other contractual agreements.


Small Claims Court

Our trained staff have extensive knowledge with over 10 years of seizure, tenancy, and investigative experience. We provide detailed reporting appraisals, condition reports and photographs to quantify damages on behalf of our clients.



Our experienced staff will help you analyze your options making it easier for you to choose a direction that is right for you. We are licensed to provide skip tracing and other investigative services within the province of Ontario.



Our Expert Consultants will help you prioritize unpaid Purchase Orders, develop a simple recovery strategy and offer support to your accounting department. We are licensed to provide and develop collection methods and software in accordance with the CDSSA as well as the CPA.



At ARC size does not matter, we service small family practices as well as large pharmaceutical laboratories. Our dedicated staff will assist your firm in identifying problem areas, correcting vulnerabilities and implementing effective risk management solutions.


Credit Cards/Loans

Allow ARC to mitigate your losses by engaging our 3rd Party Collection Officers. We will recover and rehabilitate delinquent accounts on behalf of your company. We are licensed to provide skip tracing and credit reporting services within the province of Ontario.


Residential and Commercial

At ARC we assist our Clients with legal services to ease the stress of dealing with troublesome tenants. We provide a dedicated in-house legal team at a fraction of the traditional cost. Our staff will assist in filing the appropriate forms, obtaining evictions and enforcing judgements and implementing and effective legal action solutions.

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